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Empowering the despaired women around Bangladesh,
Swapan Barua Chowdhury foundation,
Provide micro-startup funds to the deprived,
Helping minority community.

Giving back to society


Empowering the despaired women around Bangladesh –

500 families from all parts of Bangladesh were reached out based on the need of women requiring support to finance their families from the brink of poverty. Most of these women were left alone with kids and no means of earnings. These women were given cattle and shelter to earn living to support their families.

Swapan Barua Chowdhury foundation-

This is a charity foundation formed in 2001 by Managing Director, Swapan Barua Chowdhury. This foundation is focused to assist education scholarships to the talented students around the nation, provide medical assistance to the poor who needs urgent medical needs and provide relief funds to natural calamities victims. Till date under the scholarship program many individuals could graduate BBA, MBA, Doctors and Nurses.


Provide micro-startup funds to the deprived-

In context to Bangladesh, where majority of the population do not have access to proper financial institutions, majority of the ideas and interest to start up new ventures do not see the light of day. Hence, Swapan Barua Chowdhury foundation also provides one-time small scale startup funds to these individuals to start up their businesses such as vending carts, grocery shops, etc.

Helping minority community-

Although Bangladesh is a secular state, however, Buddhism contributes only 0.6 percent of the population. Hence, to ensure right opportunities for the individuals and peaceful practice of the religion, donations are made in the Buddhist monasteries so that monks and practicing Buddhists can find a place to practice religion in peace and harmony. Apart from donations to form pagodas, Buddha statues are built around the nation, including the 30 ft. Buddha statue in Dhaka University.


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